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iPad Pro is More Than Just a Tablet

We don’t like knocking copy and ads that set out to build up somebody’s product by knocking down someone else’s. We know, too, that a very common reason for seeking out someone else’s product for criticism is fear – the company doing it knows the product they’re attacking is a threat. Competition. And knocking copy draws attention to it. So we were surprised that Microsoft chose to make a video (and put it on YouTube) telling the world how much better the Surface Pro 4 was than the iPad Pro.

But, hey, Microsoft is Microsoft and when they speak you have to listen. Maybe they were right! So we watched the video. And they’re wrong.

Here at QuickToImpress, we love the iPad Pro and we wouldn’t use anything else. The speed is incredible, the colors are fantastic, the sound is spectacular – but it’s what we can do with it that we’ve really come to love.

Coding on the go? Textastic is an advanced code editor written for the iPad Pro and we’ll be frank – we’d rather code now with Textastic than on a full size PC. That’s how good it is. Coda’s great, too, and the built-in MySQL editor makes it the obvious choice for certain applications. One way or another, though, if you’re coding, the iPad Pro has you covered.

Then for design we use SketchBook and Autodesk Graphic. SketchBook is such a complete painting and drawing package, it’s hard to believe it fits on a device as neat and portable as the iPad Pro, while…well…what can we say about Graphic? Couple it with the Apple Pencil and that incredible pixel sharpness and you can turn out precise, detailed vector graphics, stunning art works – and everything in between.

And there’s more! In a business like ours, we’re forever mocking-up projects – sometimes to show the client what we’re suggesting and sometimes just to get it straight among ourselves. A quick, accurate wireframe, layout and mock-up tool is worth its weight in gold, and Adobe Comp is it.

So, sorry, Microsoft, we won’t be turning to the Surface Pro any time soon. iPad Pro has everything we need to be able to give you, the customer, everything you want.

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