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Managed Data Center Services for Your Business

Data Center

How managed data center services can free you to get back to doing what you do best.

When you do what we do, you get asked all sorts of things. “What’s a nerd?,” for example, and “Why are you one?” (“Just lucky, I guess,” is my usual answer to that).

But some of the questions are serious and one of the most serious of all goes like this:

Customer: “Look, Jeff, I’m really a … (enter whatever it is the customer does: Commercial HVAC installer; footwear retailer; pharmacy wholesale distributor – you name it). But I seem to spend most of my time as a CIO. IT has become such a huge part of running a 21st century business, I can’t concentrate on my real job of being a (insert as before) because I’m too busy planning upgrades, scheduling maintenance and generally taking care of the thousand and one things CIOs have to do.”

Quick To Impress: “Right. I see. Have you considered moving to managed data center services?”

Customer: “Managed data center services?”

What managed data center services are

And so we get into a conversation around exactly what managed data center services are. And what they are is exactly what the customer I just described needs: a way to take the management of your IT needs out of your hands and give it to someone whose main job is running a data center that responds instantly to changing user needs, so that you can get on with your main job.

Stop worrying about things that aren’t your problem

You don’t have to worry about uptime because it’s the supplier’s job to make sure that downtime doesn’t happen. You don’t have to worry about maintenance, either, because the supplier will take care of this for you.

You’re growing? Or dissociating yourself from what has been part of your business? That’s okay; with managed data center services, scalability is part of the deal.

Managed data center services have proved to be the solution for a growing number of businessmen who wanted to get back to doing what they know best.

Could they be yours?

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